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  1. Lights that don’t have instructions

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    1. All lights will generally bolt in exactly like the factory lights they are removing and there could be instruction videos online on how to remove light. Refer to Halo or Ubar wiring instructions or flat type blade for wiring questions.

  2. Hyper flash or Halo out

    1 answer
    1. Customers will need to replace resistor on tail light if hyper flash or fast flash problem. Customer will need to replace inverter box if CCFL type halo headlights. Customer can email mailing address to send out replacement resistors or inverter boxes. Customers that have LED halo’s would need to warranty/replace headlight if within one year from date of purchase warranty.

  3. How to connect light when using flat blade type 3157 or 194 connector.

    1 answer
    1. Take stock bulb out of stock socket then Anzo USA connector will go into stock socket where bulb was removed. Make sure that the black ground wire (-) is on same side as black ground wire (-) on socket connection.

  4. How to wire/splice in Halo or Ubar

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    1. Customer will be splicing to power (+) and ground (-) on parking light circuit for accent Halo or LED lights or splice to turn signal power and ground circuit for switchback feature. Colored wires will be power and black wires will be ground. If two wires on same harness are the same color then wiring is non-polarity and either wire can be used for power or ground.

  5. Moisture in lights

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    1. Moisture or condensation can happen in lights due to atmospheric differences between the inside of light and the outside atmosphere. All lights are vented to the atmosphere so that heat can dissipate outside the headlight. The moisture or condensation should burn out within a day or so. The customer can also check the sockets and bulb covers to make sure they are seated against housing correctly. Check the socket weather gaskets on older vehicles for any signs of deterioration. Check vent tubes or vent tape to make sure they are not clogged, pinched, or dusty. Refer to Anzo USA moisture checklist.

  6. Looking for brighter light or can they use HID/LED bulb

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    1. Anzo USA cannot recommend or test with aftermarket HID and LED headlight bulbs due to DOT compliance. Technically, no HID or LED is DOT compliant in a headlight that was designed for Halogen bulbs. There are “whiter” and brighter halogen bulbs that Sylvania, PIAA, or Phillips manufacturers and can be purchased at any local auto parts store. If customer still wants to go with an HID or LED headlight bulb then talk with seller or manufacturer of bulb to make sure bulb will fit in projector housing. If customer has crystal or reflector style headlight then we would not recommend aftermarket HID or LED as you cannot aim headlight without blinding oncoming traffic or vehicles in front.

  7. Adjustment screws or if headlight is adjustable

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    1. All of our headlights have at least a height adjustment screw. Most adjustment screws will use a Phillip’s head screwdriver to adjust screw.